March 2019 Product Order

It’s that time again to put in your product order for all things reptile related 😃

Order deadline will be April 1st at 10 am. With deliveries to New Brunswick April 7th, PEI April 10th and Nova Scotia April 14th

Stock up and save your shipping costs on:
-Lighting and fixtures (arcadia, zoomed reptisun, sunblaster, mega ray etc.)
-Misting systems
-Husbandry and Shipping Items
-Decor (feeding ledges, hides, dishes, plants, vines etc.)
-Bio must haves
-Galapagos Gear line
-Complete line of Zoo Med products
-Many Arcadia products including lighting and supplements
-All Things Reptile products
-Selection of ExoTerra, Bio Dude, Mazuri, Rep – Cal, Sticky Tongue Farms
-Selection of bird, fish and turtle products

Our next order after this will be around mid to end of May. Please email us will all orders to and we will get back to you with your invoice. All orders to be paid in full by the deadline – if the supplier is out of stock on a particular item you will be refunded in full.

Many new items have been added to the list but the pdf file is not co-operating – I will update it as soon as we can! New products include Repashy Pineapple Express, Beardie Buffet and Igapo Explorer, Pangea Fig and Insect, C3 Gecko Ledges, New Galapagos Gear additions, Sunblaster Greenhouse kits, Bioscape products (leaf litter, pods etc.)

Product Pricelist Link


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