March 2019 Reptile List

Here is the reptile list for March 2019, we have cut back on the frequency of our orders and will only be doing them 3 times a year now. Next list will be around end of July 2019 and another one late October to early November.
We really like to promote our local breeders whenever possible so our lists typically only include reptiles that aren’t as readily available locally. Sorry if we forgot any of our local breeders in our listing…hard to keep track of everyone sometimes!!
Order and payment deadline will be Monday April 1st at 10:00 am. All orders are subject to HST and our standard delivery fees for each area. Delivery for New Brunswick will be Sunday April 7th, PEI will be Wednesday April 10th (or April 3rd if they arrive in the morning) and Sunday April 14th for Nova Scotia.
Cuban Knight – $69.99
Green – $14.99
Bearded Dragons – Contact Lora Tanner in Dartmouth Nova Scotia, Cozy Critters in PEI
Chameleons – None currently available but we will update if any pop up before April 1st!
Geckos (Contact Geckomeister or Annapolis Valley Reptiles in Nova Scotia, Kelsey’s Crested Geckos in New Brunswick, Maritime Gecko and Cozy Critters in PEI, )
Standing Day – $189.99
Golden – $28.99
House – $8.99
Tokay – $38.99
Brown Basilisk – $74.99
Long Tail Grass – $13.99
Chinese Water Dragon – $38.99
Savannah Monitor – $64.99 (proof of set up required)
Saharan Uromastyx (Yellow) – $149.99
Hermit Crabs
Small Purple Pincher – $8.99
Medium Purple Pincher – $13.99
Medium Strawberry – $23.99
Black Asian – $31.99
Giant Desert Hairy – $59.99
Vinagaroon – $99.99
Chaco Golden Knee – $99.99
Curly Hair (spiderlings) – $16.99
Mexican Giant Orange Knee – $189.99
Mexican Red Knee – $154.99
Mexican Rust Leg – $124.99
Red Foot – $649.99
Yellow Foot – $699.99
Axolotyls – Contact Maritime house a lotl in New Brunswick or Overboard Aquatics in Nova Scotia
Dart Frogs (not available on PEI)
Blue (Dendrobates auratus) – $124.99
Blue/Black (Dendrobates auratus) – $184.99
Blue/Bronze (Dendrobates auratus) – $144.99
Columbia/Yellow (Dendrobates auratus) – $164.99
Green/Black (Dendrobates auratus) – $124.99
Panama (Dendrobates auratus) – $144.99
Turquoise (Dendrobates auratus) – $124.99
Yellow Stripe (Dendrobates truncatus) – $114.99
Dyeing (Dendrobates tinctorius “citronella”) – $124.99
Dyeing (Dendrobates tinctorius “regina”) – $124.99
Blue Leg (Mantella expectata) – $114.99
Green (Mantella viridis) – $74.99
Albino – $49.99
Apricot – $134.99
Green – $44.99
Strawberry – $144.50
Tree Frogs
Borneo Eared – $104.99
Flying Indonesian – $44.99
Red Eared – $49.99
Red Eyed – $79.99
Whites (Blue Phase) – $64.99
Black Flanked Pygmy – $23.99
Chubby – $31.99
Vietnamese Mossy – $134.99
Western Red Band Rubber – $39.99
Ball Pythons – Contact Heckbert Reptiles or Industrial Reptiles in PEI, Dinah-Mite Pythons, East Coast Xotics or Steve Jensen in Nova Scotia, Havoc Exotics, Ballz to the Wallz or Skin Walker Serpents in New Brunswick. We can get various morphs in if they don’t have what you are looking for but we prefer to promote our local breeders!
Boa Contrictors – Contact Heckbert Reptiles in PEI
Taiwan Beauty Rat Snake – $244.99
Payment is due in full before the order deadline. If we end up with not enough orders to go ahead all payments will be refunded. If you choose to not pick up your reptile, or cancel after the deadline and the order has already been placed you will receive a 50% refund with the other 50% being kept as we will now have to house, feed and find a new home for it. Actual pictures are not available as usual as they are coming from a supplier, many of them are captive bred on site or from local breeders that supply them, some are long term established and others are imported but we only list the common imports that tend to do well in captivity. The supplier provides as 7 day health guarantee on all reptiles. Please do your research on anything you are interested in, we can try to help out but are not experts by any means in every species of reptile and care standards change frequently. We will not be bringing in any extra reptiles to have on hand for sale at a future date this order – only what people order in.
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