Frozen Small Rats

Frozen Small Rats

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70 – 120 grams


Frozen Small Rats – “Organically grown on site at our farm!” Rats are available in a wide variety of sizes from pinky to jumbo adult and are a main staple feeder for carnivorous reptiles such as snakes and monitors.  Rats are available both frozen and live.
Nutritional Information: Accurate nutrition information on rodents is difficult to obtain as it widely varies and is heavily dependent on the diet fed as well as the age of the rodent.

2 reviews for Frozen Small Rats

  1. valhallaexoticcreations18 (verified owner)

    I always get frozen feeders from east coast exotics. Always healthy. Clean and well sized

  2. jennymacpherson01 (verified owner)

    Fabulous product. Rats are a great size, are packaged nicely, and are good quality. This is the best company I have ever dealt for frozen feeders, and I’ve had snakes for almost 20 years. I’m so incredibly happy that I found East Coast Exotics!

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