Fruit Flies

Fruit Flies


Nutritional Information: Moisture 76%, Ash 5%, Protein 62.2%, Fat 17.7%, Calcium (ml/100 grs) 1.72

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Fruit flies are small wingless or flightless flies that are great for small reptiles and amphibians such as dart frogs and newly hatched lizards like chameleons.  Melanogaster flies grow quickly and reach maturity around 14 days at approximately 1/16″ while Hydei flies grow slower reaching maturity at approximately 21 days and 1/8″.  Store your culture at room temperature, they do not need to be fed and will continue to reproduce for up to six weeks.  A varied diet of appropriate feeders for your reptile is the best option to meet nutritional needs. It is recommended to gutload your feeders as well as “dust” them in any additional supplements your pet may require before feeding.
** Fruit flies are produced on our farm, however are not organically raised at this time**

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Melanogaster, Hydei


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