Medium Hornworms

Medium Hornworms

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Nutritional Information: Moisture 85%, Ash N/A%, Protein 9%, Fat 3%, Calcium (ml/100 grs) 46.4

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$.80 each when 30 - 399 medium hornworms purchased


Hornworms are very high in both calcium and moisture.  They grow rapidly and provide an excellent nutritional source and snack for your reptile.  Hornworms are a soft bodied worm that is available in a variety of sizes and are readily accepted by most insect eating reptiles including bearded dragons, savannah monitors, skinks, chameleons, anoles, geckos scorpions, tarantulas, frogs, toads, salamanders and newts.  Hornworms should be kept in a clean container with high enough sides to prevent escapes and fed a diet of prepared hornworm food (link).  A varied diet of appropriate feeders for your reptile is the best option to meet nutritional needs. It is recommended to gutload your feeders as well as “dust” them in any additional supplements your pet may require before feeding.
Please contact us for pricing of quantaties of 30 or more hornworms of one size as discounts may apply!
** Hornworms are produced on our farm but are not organically raised. **

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