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Nutritional Information: Moisture 66.1%, Ash 1.5%, Protein 19.7%, Fat 9.7%, Calcium (ml/100 grs) 3.2

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“Organically grown on site at our farm!” Mealworms are a suitable feeder for smaller reptiles. They contain high levels of chitin which can be difficult for some reptiles to digest and are recommended to be fed in moderation in these cases. Examples of exotic pets that can be offered mealworms are geckos, chameleons, amphibians and scorpions.  They are also fantastic treats for chickens, quail and other fowl!  Mealworms can be stored in the fridge to slow the pupation process.  They should be taken out once a week, allowed to warm to room temperature and fed fresh veggies such as potato and carrot before being returned to the fridge. A varied diet of appropriate feeders for your reptile is the best option to meet nutritional needs. It is recommended to gutload your feeders as well as “dust” them in any additional supplements your pet may require before feeding.
** East Coast Exotics does not breed or supply Giant Mealworms as they are mealworms sprayed with a growth hormone to encourage growth and inhibit pupation…since we are an organic producer this feeder does not fit our mandate!  We encourage you to check out our superworms as healthier option (more protien, less chitin and less fat than the Giant Mealworm) **

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