Night Crawlers

Night Crawlers

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Nutritional Information: Moisture 16%, Ash 11.4%, Protein 60.7%, Fat 4.4%, Calcium (ml/100 grs) 4.93

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  • Night Crawlers are one of the top recommended well balanced food source feeder.  They are low in fat and great for aquatic reptiles and amphibians such as salamanders, newts, most frogs and toads, turtles and many lizards such as blue tongue skinks.  Night Crawlers should be stored in the fridge and can be fed a high quality cricket food if storing them for long periods of time.  A varied diet of appropriate feeders for your reptile is the best option to meet nutritional needs. It is recommended to gutload your feeders as well as “dust” them in any additional supplements your pet may require before feeding.


** Night Crawlers are in the process of being produced organically on our farm, currently however they are imported from an outside source and fed organically on site. **

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