Hi everyone!  We have updated and lowered the superworm and mealworm prices back to their previous lower cost and are hopeful to follow suit with the cricket prices by the end of July.  For now pinhead, 1/16″ and 1/8″ crickets prices have been adjusted

The out of stock wax worm notification has also been corrected as well, not sure how that came about but many thanks to the customers that brought it to our attention!

Silkworms – We will be placing another silkworm order Monday July 30th for arrival Friday August 3rd in time for Nova Scotia and New Brunswick deliveries (Saturday August 4th and Sunday August 5th).  Please ensure your silkworm and silkworm food orders are in no later that 9am Monday July 30th.  The following silkworm order will be around mid – end of July


Dry Goods, Products and Supplies – The next order will go in Monday July 30th for arrival and delivery Friday August 3rd – Sunday August 5th throughout all three maritime provinces.  We have many new products that will be added to our list in the upcoming weeks leading to the order.  These new products include:

  • Mazuri Diets (bearded dragon, tortoise, aquatic turtle, hedgehog)
  • Arcadia Earth Pro products (dragon boost, soil enrichments, vitamins and supplements, custodian feed)
  • Bio Dude Products
  • All Things Reptile (hides, dishes, bio active products)
  • Many more items!!
  • Reptile and Feeder Gutloads (bee pollen, spirulina)

You will find these products under the “other products” tab under “product pricelist – watch for the additions in the coming weeks!  Please have all orders for these product in as well no later than 9am Monday July 30th.


Reptiles – We will also be doing a reptile order the week of Monday July 30th.  This will include reptiles for delivery in Nova Scotia Saturday August 4th and New Brunswick Sunday August 5th as well as all expo reptile pre orders for the 3rd Annual PEI Reptiles and Exotics Expo happening Saturday August 11th!

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