Website has been updated with new products as well as updated inventory! Check out our new products including Obies dried/ground BSFL powder, Arcadia and Zoo Med light fixtures, Pangea heat matts and new cork bark, cork round and grapewood additions!

The next product order will be going in on June 21st. Please have all orders in by 8am on the 21st via email to info@eastcoastexotics.ca.

This order is for all products listed here that are not available (or not in stock on the website under the reptile products tab. The products on the website display best when using a laptop, PC or tablet as the dropdown menus for easy navigation don’t function easily on phones. Hover on the reptile products tab and select your category from the drop down menu

Orders will be delivered to New Brunswick on July 4th, PEI on July 8th and Nova Scotia on July 11th. The next product order, for items not available on the website will be going in Mid August.

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