New Years Tiding and a Year of 5th Anniversary specials!

Wishing everyone a fantastic 2021! We hope it brings you good things and you take into in from 2020 the gifts it gave us amongst the hardships.

May 2021 also marks for us 5 years of business here in the Maritimes and being able to provide you with quality feeders for your pets! We want to celebrate and thank you for your continued support. We thought we would start by offering those of you who have supported us week after week despite all the Covid restrictions and the need for some of you to move to home deliveries with some savings on delivery fees!

This special will be for our New Brunswick and Nova Scotia customers who order each delivery and starts January 1st. Your first delivery of the year will be at the regular delivery fee – for each following delivery that you place an order your delivery fee will be 50% off! This applies to both home deliveries and meet locations.

If you miss a delivery don’t worry – your next delivery you will pay the regular delivery fee again and start right back on the savings in 2 weeks! The website will be updated this week with delivery options that reflect the 50% savings on the delivery fees. There won’t be a location associated so please put a comment in the order notes section what area and if it is a home delivery or meet location.

So if you order every 2 weeks, after your first order scroll right on by your usual delivery option (i.e Moncton home delivery for $10.00) and select the 50% off option for $5.00! As indicated above there will be no location associated, there will simply be options indicating “50% off delivery fee – use this option if you had an order delivered 2 weeks ago”. There will be 4 options for $2.50, $5.00, $7.50 and $10 and you can select the one that would be half of your usual delivery fee.

This is the easiest option to add to the website without making the delivery lists twice as long with regular and 50% options for each delivery location.

We will have this in effect until at least March 31st and may extend it further.


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