Product order going in Tuesday October 20th!

It’s product order time again! Please have your orders in by Tuesday October 20th at Noon. Send us an email to with what you need! Delivery dates will be Thursday October 29th to PEI, Sunday November 1st to Nova Scotia, and Sunday November 15th to New Brunswick.

-Repashy (complete line of fish and reptile products)

-Pangea (complete line)-Arcadia (UVB, deep heat projectors, supplements, soils etc.)

-Galapagos Gear (complete line of mosses, branches, vines, hides, etc.)

-Uni Heat (heat packs – great for power outages and shipping reptiles last 20, 30, 40, 60, 72 and 90 hours)

-C3 (gecko ledges, signs)-New Cal (leaf litter, pods, various wood and branches)

-Sunblaster – fixtures, full spectrum lighting for plant growth and bio active set ups)

-Zoo Med (lighting, Substrates, hides, decor etc)-Pet Tech (Magnaturals, dishes, hides etc.)

-Mist King – all mist king set up from starter to ultimate including add ons and replacement parts-All Things Reptile (probes, tongs, snake hooks, hides, dishes etc)

-Mega Ray Bulbs-AquaGlobe (wood, rock and plants for Terrariums and Aquariums)

-Sticky Tongue Farms (miner-all and vit-all)-Vivarium Electronics Thermostats

-Exo Terra (limited availability – vines, deco, monsoon misting system)

-Bio Dude (limited products – fruit fly media, bio shots for soil)

-Vitamins and Supplements (RepCal, Arcadia, -Repashy, Sticky Tongue Farms etc)

-Wound Care – (Betedine, Derma Gel)

-Shipping Display and Supplies (super clear display delis, portion cups, snake bags – both cloth and mesh), coolers, heat packs etc)

-Husbandry Items (jewelers loupes, snake hooks, tongs, hemostats, probes, weigh scales, temp guns, solar meters, reptile gloves, Chlorhexidine —-Cleaning Solution)

-Substrates (moss, sand, soil, coir, husk, cypress mulch, aspen, excavator clay etc)

-Bio Active Supplies (leaf litter, pods, huts, clay balls, terrarium mesh etc.)

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